All just a little bit of history repeating…

‘‘The Jews are accused of specific offences (for instance, bad behaviour in food queues) which the person speaking feels strongly about, but it is obvious that these accusations merely rationalise some deep-rooted prejudice.’’

George Orwell, ‘Antisemitism in Britain’, April 1945

‘‘Learning to queue would certainly help. some people from some parts of the world seem to take pride in pulling one over all the “stupid” people waiting in an orderly fashion. actually it is one of the rudest, most selfish and slef (sic.) centred things you can do. being able to queue is what separates us humans from the beasts.’’

Guardian Comment is Free reader’s comment, under an article on the nature of the debate about immigration in the British media, which garnered 175 recommendations. 7 January 2014 


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