Ayes to the Right: Capping Social Security – the Labour List

imageOn Wednesday, the overwhelming majority of the Parliamentary Labour Party voted to support the Government’s proposed social security cap. The 13 rebels (i.e those representatives of the Labour Party who believe that social security provision should be based on need, not an arbitrary figure set by a government determined to rid the country of a functioning Welfare State) and the 38 who either abstained or were absent from Parliament for a variety of reasons have been documented on the Left Futures blog here, but by my reckoning, that leaves 201 Labour MPs who voted for the cap. The significance of listing those who actively voted for the cap is that many members of the Labour Party and constituents, angry at this capitulation to the Tory agenda on the welfare state,  will very likely want to question  those who have made this decision on our behalf. Certainly, there has been very little in the way of explanation through party structures and in the media. Of course, people can do that via this easy application:

‘Write to them’ website

By a process of deduction, I reckon those Labour MPs who voted ‘yes’ to an arbitrary cap on social security spending are the following:

  1. Ainsworth, rh Mr Bob (Coventry North East)
  2. Alexander, rh Mr Douglas (Paisley and Renfrewshire)
  3. Alexander, Heidi (Lewisham East)
  4. Ali, Rushanara (Bethnal Green and Bow)
  5. Allen, Mr Graham (Nottingham North)
  6. Ashworth, Jonathan (Leicester South)
  7. Austin, Ian (Dudley North)
  8. Bailey, Mr Adrian (West Bromwich West)
  9. Bain, Mr William (Glasgow North East)
  10. Balls, rh Ed (Morley)
  11. Banks, Gordon (Ochil and South Perthshire)
  12. Beckett, rh Margaret (Derby South)
  13. Begg, Dame Anne (Aberdeen South)
  14. Benn, rh Hilary (Leeds Central)
  15. Benton, Mr Joe (Bootle)
  16. Berger, Luciana (Liverpool Wavertree)
  17. Betts, Mr Clive (Sheffield South East)
  18. Blackman-Woods, Roberta (Durham City)
  19. Blears, rh Hazel (Salford)
  20. Blenkinsop, Tom (Middlesbrough South)
  21. Blomfield, Paul (Sheffield Central)
  22. Blunkett, rh Mr David (Sheffield Brightside)
  23. Bradshaw, rh Mr Ben (Exeter)
  24. Brennan, Kevin (Cardiff West)
  25. Brown, Lyn (West Ham)
  26. Brown, rh Mr Nicholas (Newcastle East)
  27. Brown, Mr Russell (Dumfries and Galloway)
  28. Bryant, Chris (Rhondda)
  29. Buck, Ms Karen (Westminster North)
  30. Burden, Richard (Birmingham Northfield)
  31. Burnham, rh Andy (Leigh)
  32. Campbell, rh Mr Alan (Tynemouth)
  33. Caton, Martin (Gower)
  34. Champion, Sarah (Rotherham)
  35. Chapman, Jenny (Darlington)
  36. Clarke, rh Mr Tom (Coatbridge Chryston and Bellshill)
  37. Coaker, Vernon (Gedling)
  38. Coffey, Ann (Stockport)
  39. Cooper, Rosie (West Lancashire)
  40. Cooper, rh Yvette (Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford)
  41. Crausby, Mr David (Bolton North East)
  42. Creagh, Mary (Wakefield)
  43. Creasy, Stella (Walthamstow)
  44. Cruddas, Jon (Dagenham and Rainham)
  45. Cunningham, Mr Jim (Coventry South)
  46. Curran, Margaret (Glasgow East)
  47. Dakin, Nic (Scunthorpe)
  48. Danczuk, Simon (Rochdale)
  49. Darling, rh Mr Alistair (Edinburgh South West)
  50. David, Wayne (Caerphilly)
  51. Davidson, Mr Ian (Glasgow South West)
  52. Davies, Geraint (Swansea West)
  53. De Piero, Gloria (Ashfield)
  54. Denham, rh Mr John (Southampton Itchen)
  55. Dobbin, Jim (Heywood and Middleton)
  56. Dobson, rh Frank (Holborn and St Pancras)
  57. Docherty, Thomas (Dunfermline and West Fife)
  58. Doran, Mr Frank (Aberdeen North)
  59. Doughty, Stephen (Cardiff South and Penarth)
  60. Dowd, Jim (Lewisham West)
  61. Doyle, Gemma (West Dunbartonshire)
  62. Dromey, Jack (Birmingham Erdington)
  63. Dugher, Michael (Barnsley East)
  64. Eagle, Ms Angela (Wallasey)
  65. Eagle, Maria (Garston and Halewood)
  66. Efford, Clive (Eltham)
  67. Elliott, Julie (Sunderland Central)
  68. Ellman, Mrs Louise (Liverpool Riverside)
  69. Engel, Natascha (North East Derbyshire)
  70. Esterson, Bill (Sefton Central)
  71. Evans, Chris (Islwyn)
  72. Farrelly, Paul (Newcastle-under-Lyme)
  73. Field, rh Mr Frank (Birkenhead)
  74. Fitzpatrick, Jim (Poplar and Limehouse)
  75. Flello, Robert (Stoke-on-Trent South)
  76. Flint, rh Caroline (Don Valley)
  77. Flynn, Paul (Newport West)
  78. Fovargue, Yvonne (Makerfield)
  79. Francis, Dr Hywel (Aberavon)
  80. Gapes, Mike (Ilford South)
  81. Gardiner, Barry (Brent North)
  82. Gilmore, Sheila (Edinburgh East)
  83. Glindon, Mrs Mary (North Tyneside)
  84. Goodman, Helen (Bishop Auckland)
  85. Greatrex, Tom (Rutherglen and Hamilton West)
  86. Green, Kate (Stretford and Urmston)
  87. Griffith, Nia (Llanelli)
  88. Gwynne, Andrew (Denton and Reddish)
  89. Hain, rh Mr Peter (Neath)
  90. Hamilton, Mr David (Midlothian)
  91. Hanson, rh Mr David (Delyn)
  92. Harman, rh Ms Harriet (Camberwell and Peckham)
  93. Harris, Mr Tom (Glasgow South)
  94. Havard, Mr Dai (Merthyr Tydfil)
  95. Healey, rh John (Wentworth and Dearne)
  96. Hendrick, Mark (Preston)
  97. Hillier, Meg (Hackney South and Shoreditch)
  98. Hilling, Julie (Bolton West)
  99. Hodge, rh Margaret (Barking)
  100. Hodgson, Mrs Sharon (Washington and Sunderland West)
  101. Hoey, Kate (Vauxhall)
  102. Hood, Mr Jim (Lanark and Hamilton East)
  103. Howarth, George (Knowsley)
  104. Irranca-Davies, Huw (Ogmore)
  105. James, Mrs Siân C. (Swansea East)
  106. Jamieson, Cathy (Kilmarnock)
  107. Jarvis, Dan (Barnsley)
  108. Johnson, rh Alan (Hull West)
  109. Johnson, Diana (Hull North)
  110. Jones, Graham (Hyndburn)
  111. Jones, Helen (Warrington North)
  112. Jones, Mr Kevan (North Durham)
  113. Jones, Susan Elan (Clwyd South)
  114. Jowell, rh Dame Tessa (Dulwich and West Norwood)
  115. Kane, Mike (Wythenshaw and Sale East)
  116. Keeley, Barbara (Worsley and Eccles South)
  117. Kendall, Liz (Leicester West)
  118. Khan, rh Sadiq (Tooting)
  119. Lammy, rh Mr David (Tottenham)
  120. Lazarowicz, Mark (Edinburgh North)
  121. Leslie, Chris (Nottingham East)
  122. Lewell-Buck, Mrs Emma (South Shields)
  123. Lewis, Mr Ivan (Wrexham)
  124. Love, Mr Andrew (Edmonton)
  125. Lucas, Ian (Wrexham)
  126. Mactaggart, Fiona (Slough)
  127. Mahmood, Shabana (Birmingham Ladywood)
  128. Malhotra, Seema (Birmingham Perrt Barr)
  129. Mann, John (Bassetlaw)
  130. Marsden, Mr Gordon (Blackpool South)
  131. McCabe, Steve (Birmingham Selly Oak)
  132. McCarthy, Kerry (Bristol East)
  133. McClymont, Gregg (Cumbernauld)
  134. McDonagh, Siobhain (Mitcham and Morden)
  135. McDonald, Andy (Middlesbrough)
  136. McFadden, rh Mr Pat (Wolverhampton South East)
  137. McGuire, rh Mrs Anne (Stirling)
  138. McKechin, Ann (Glasgow North)
  139. McKenzie, Mr Iain (Inverclyde)
  140. McKinnell, Catherine (Newcastle North)
  141. Miliband, rh Edward (Doncaster North)
  142. Miller, Andrew (Ellesmere Port)
  143. Moon, Mrs Madeleine (Bridgend)
  144. Morden, Jessica (Newport East)
  145. Morrice, Graeme (Livingston)
  146. Munn, Meg (Sheffield Heeley)
  147. Murphy, rh Mr Jim (East Renfrewshire)
  148. Murphy, rh Paul (Torfaen)
  149. Murray, Ian (Edinburgh South)
  150. Nandy, Lisa (Wigan)
  151. Nash, Pamela (Airdrie)
  152. Onwurah, Chi (Newcastle Central)
  153. Osborne, Sandra (Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock)
  154. Perkins, Toby (Chesterfield)
  155. Pound, Stephen (Ealing North)
  156. Powell, Lucy (Manchester Central)
  157. Qureshi, Yasmin (Bolton South East)
  158. Raynsford, rh Mr Nick (Greenwich and Woolwich)
  159. Reed, Mr Jamie (Copeland)
  160. Reed, Mr Steve (Croydon North)
  161. Reeves, Rachel  (Leeds West)
  162. Reynolds, Emma (Wolverhampton North East)
  163. Reynolds, Jonathan (Stalybridge and Hyde)
  164. Robertson, John (Glasgow North West)
  165. Robinson, Mr Geoffrey (Coventry North West)
  166. Rotheram, Steve (Liverpool Walton)
  167. Roy, Mr Frank (Mortherwell )
  168. Roy, Lindsay (Glenrothes)
  169. Ruane, Chris (Vale of Clwyd)
  170. Ruddock, rh Dame Joan (Lewisham, Deptford)
  171. Sarwar, Anas (Glasgow Central)
  172. Sawford, Andy (Corby)
  173. Sharma, Mr Virendra (Ealing Southall)
  174. Sheerman, Mr Barry (Huddersfield)
  175. Shuker, Gavin (Luton South)
  176. Slaughter, Mr Andy (Hammersmith)
  177. Smith, rh Mr Andrew (Oxford East)
  178. Smith, Angela (Penistone and Stocksbridge)
  179. Smith, Nick (Blaenau Gwent)
  180. Smith, Owen (Pontypridd)
  181. Straw, rh Mr Jack (Blackburn)
  182. Stringer, Graham (Blackley and Broughton)
  183. Stuart, Ms Gisela (Birmingham Edgbaston)
  184. Sutcliffe, Mr Gerry (Bradford South)
  185. Tami, Mark (Alyn and Deeside)
  186. Thornberry, Emily (Islington South)
  187. Timms, rh Stephen (East Ham)
  188. Trickett, Jon (Hemsworth)
  189. Turner, Karl (Hull East)
  190. Twigg, Derek (Halton)
  191. Twigg, Stephen (Liverpool West Derby)
  192. Umunna, Mr Chuka (Streatham)
  193. Vaz, Valerie (Walsall South)
  194. Walley, Joan (Stoke-on-Trent North)
  195. Watts, Mr Dave (St Helens North)
  196. Whitehead, Dr Alan (Southampton Test)
  197. Winterton, rh Ms Rosie (Doncaster Central)
  198. Woodcock, John (Barrow and Furness)
  199. Woodward, rh Mr Shaun (St Helens South)
  200. Wright, David (Telford)
  201. Wright, Mr Iain (Hartlepool)