That joke isn’t funny anymore: from #Tories4Corbyn to a Very British Coup

corbyn2One day, someone like the Glasgow Media Group, will do an analysis of this leadership election and how the attitude of the right-wing press has changed towards Jeremy Corbyn. It will be fascinating. 

Stage 1: Laughter

It seems like an age ago when it was all jolly larks and #Tories4Corbyn. Smugly and patronisingly, they laughed into their sleeves, safe in the knowledge that Corbyn even being on the ballot would show that the loony left (guffaw) was very much alive and kicking and the Labour Party at large hadn’t changed. By not having changed, of course, they mean not accepting all the tenets of the disgustingly unequal and brutal society that their chums in the city had created. That self-satisfied superiority complex, which seemingly couldn’t be shifted, had been aided and abetted by the Labour Party in Parliament, filled with New Labourites who did just that – who had “changed” and had accepted the rules of the club.

Stage 2: Confusion

Then came the period of incredulity, as the madness of “Corbynmania” seemed to be sweeping the country. What on earth was going on, they wondered? Hadn’t this stuff – like collective values, solidarity, compassion – been left behind in the 80s where it belonged? Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall they understood: they too played by the rules. The deal was, they would let us keep the fundamentals of the Thatcherite settlement in place as long as they could play with the ball occasionally. The “fun” being had at the Labour Party’s expense became a little less sure footed. #Tories4Corbyn faded and turned into “Shock! Horror! Look what the oiks are up to!” They actually believe this crap? Rent controls? Public ownership? Democracy in our education system? Whatever next? Fake indignation and incredulity ruled, but now with a frown.

Stage 3: Anger

Latterly, the terms of reference have turned around completely. As arrogant bullies do, no public acknowledgement of this volte face was to be allowed. But to anyone who has been paying attention, it’s obvious that things have shifted dramatically as the election campaign has gone on and Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign has gathered real momentum, not just in the Labour heartlands, but in the Tories’ own backyards. The chuckles have been swallowed back and been replaced with anger. What the hell? As the movement around Jeremy Corbyn has become a “thing”, evidenced by the enormous crowds turning up all over the country and the rapturous welcome that Corbynite policies were receiving, things have taken a nasty turn. Quietly at first, but then gathering momentum, the word was put out that “this has to be stopped”. As that lad from Manchester once said:

“That joke isn’t funny anymore. It’s too close to home and it’s too near the bone.”

At the time of writing, this latest phenomenon has morphed into an almost a pathological obsession for many in the right wing press. Whereas previously, the writings on Corbyn positively oozed condescension, now you can smell the fear and a strange lack of confidence. It’s starting to resemble something out of a Very British Coup, but every smear story, every outright lie and every petty, personalised attack on Corbyn, his family, or his army of supporters betrays how petrified they are at the thought that, for the first time in three decades, they might actually face a real opposition to their project – not just to this detail, or that policy, but to their whole individualist, consumer-orientated, callous ideology.


19 thoughts on “That joke isn’t funny anymore: from #Tories4Corbyn to a Very British Coup

  1. Ryan says:

    Interesting piece; I think it would be worth evaluating the effect that this change in attitude will have on the “middle-ground” voter. I would have thought that at the laughter stage, they would just dismiss Corbyn as the media has. However, this new fear will lead people to looking at why the media are so scared of him, and hopefully get some people from outside the left properly looking at his policies and seriously considering them. Huge fan of the Smiths reference too.

  2. Daniel Margrain says:

    Hi Ben. Great blog which I’ve just discovered today. I haven’t received my voting form yet. Has anybody else having the same problem?

  3. George String says:

    Exactly. Given that the boundary changes will require Labour to gain over 100 seats to gain power, we have to ask which candidate is best placed to win back Scotland. Realistically there’s only one, and that’s the one the media would have us believe has no chance! At least we know that they’re worried….

  4. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd and commented:
    First they ignore you then they laugh at you then they fight you then you know you have win ! Ghandis quote is so fitting to Jeremy corbyns situation the thing that a have pulled from it all is the term quantitative easing for the work not the rich !

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  8. Lovejoy says:

    Wow, they got THE David Thomas to write an article? Was Mr Blobby unavailable?

    Plus – and this has been repeated god knows how many times – Osborne increased the public debt more in 4 years, than labour did in 13 and has borrowed more money than all labour chancellors combined.

  9. Simon Williamson says:

    Excellent blog Ben. Been glued to the TV all weekend and can’t wait to see how he grips the Tories now he’s won. It’s about time some real workers ran the party. For too long it’s been the preserve of the academic elite. Trade union reps who’s never done a days work in their lives but claim to speak for their workers. Utopian socialists campaigning for universal standards in education, but secretly move into good school catchment areas, then even manipulate the system to get their kids in. Put down their parents address, or put their younger child into a good school then get an older one in on “sibling link”. Quick jaunt over to France for the hols, and must make sure the kids are back for theatre group. The rot of their kind goes deep in Durham with the Blair years behind us. They’ll fight to the last drop of our blood. Gala next year with Jez will be electric.

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