Why Jeremy Corbyn showed just as much respect as anyone else

Jeremy Corbyn is a republican and a non-believer, so it would be totally insincere of him to sing the national anthem: ‘God Save the Queen.’

jez anthemInstead, he chose to stand in respectful silence: remembering those who died, as well as remembering his mum who served as an air raid warden and his dad who served in the Home Guard.

A generation of brave men and women fought fascism so that people could live in a society where they were free to choose to think and to act as their conscience dictates.

Those who want to force their beliefs onto others seem to have forgotten that.


2 thoughts on “Why Jeremy Corbyn showed just as much respect as anyone else

  1. Graham says:

    God save the queen is no more than a moronic appraisal of an individual not a call to any sense of nationalistic fervour. They made her a moron. A potential H bomb.

  2. Christine Griffiths says:

    He is shadow Prime Minister. If he does get in as Prime Minister he spend time with our Queen. I though he was dispectful to her, also I am sure a lot of people that vote Labour will be massively disapointed in him. I know I am. He needs to change his outlook or there will be many that won’t vote for him.

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