They’ll stop chasing you, when you stop running.


Remember when New Labour brought in CBI chief Sir Digby Jones to advise on trade promotion and Gordon Brown’s economic policy? Yep, that’s the same Digby Jones who said that trade unions were increasingly irrelevant only a couple of years previous.

Remember when good old Sir Alan Sugar was welcomed into the heart of Gordon Brown’s government, as an “enterprise tsar”. Yep, that’s the same Alan Sugar who recently said we should all move to China if the present Labour Party were elected.

Remember when Blair’s Labour rolled out the red carpet in 1999 for Shaun Woodward, who two years previous had been quite happy to be elected as a Tory MP for Witney, and two years later became a Labour MP for St Helens South. Tony Blair welcomed him as a “serious” and a “decent” politician. From 2007 until 2010, he even served as Labour’s Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

Do you remember the shock and outrage amongst the British press? Do you remember their old tweets being dredged up by right-wing newspaper hacks – goaded on by people in their own party? Do you remember the carefully co-ordinated character assassinations, designed to bully them out of their positions and livelihoods? Do you remember Labour MPs summoning up faux outrage from the depths of their bowels and excreting it all over the right-wing, tabloid press?

No, neither do I.

Yet, the appointment of lifelong socialists and radical economists to advise Jeremy Corbyn is deemed scandalous. In turn, John McDonnell, then Andrew Fisher, Seumas Milne – and most recently – James Meadway have been subjected to the most spiteful and personalised campaign by the gutter press, with quite transparent help from the Blairite malcontents in the Parliamentary Party and those lingering within the party machine. I recall how Ed Milband’s office reacted when he was subjected to just a fraction of this onslaught: his advisors recommended that he try to ameliorate the press – and specifically, pose with a copy of the Sun newspaper. Did any of that stop the attacks? Did it satisfy the tabloid hacks that they’d had their little bit of raw meat? No, it had the reverse effect. They sensed blood and went in for the kill. So I’m with Mick McGahey, former vice-president of the NUM, on this:

“They’ll stop chasing you, when you stop running.”

The problem is that we’ve been running for so long, that we need to learn how to stand and fight again. Together, we can.


5 thoughts on “They’ll stop chasing you, when you stop running.

  1. Micks right if you run they chase you whos running thats the question Im asking.
    If you have belief in youre policies then theres no need to run at all.
    Mind having a leader thats stated he wouldnt press a button should there be a need must warm the cockles of their hearts with despots around the world.
    Then there is the “nationalise the rail service” id have gone further and said that all the utilities are going to be back in public hands. After all the privatistion of such was to my mind illegal in the first place.
    Capitalism though is an ugly model as it produces a few haves and many have nots. Much is said about welfare benefits the Tories would do away with them altogether where as Labour would enhance what is already there. Thats where we have a problem “houston” who on earths going to pay for it. Business can boom if utilites are cheap thats doable with some forethought and investment. The Chinese were quick to pick up on that as we saw the other week with their investment in a atomic power station.
    Soceity now has been fragmented now to such a state that its damn near impossible to see what party would represent them.
    Devolution is whats needed the Houses of Parliament and the house of Lords are no longer fit for purpose, its costly and to the man in the street irellevant.
    My politics are to my family and nearest and dearest the “bods” at Whitehall have no bearing whatsoever in what I do and as for running ??? Where on earth to? We have many running here from war zones thats another issue that needs addresing rather than all the pandering as we see from all parties!

  2. bladerunner says:

    Well said! But how to fight? Shall we start by telling Alan Johnson to shut his mouth and that any other left political party such as Left Unity are more than welcome to support Jeremy Corbyn and fight either in or alongside the Labour Party.

  3. bladerunner says:

    Good call! But how to fight? Shall we start by firstly telling Alan Johnson to shut his mouth? Let’s start welcoming other left parties such as the Left Unity and the Greens to either fight with or alongside us. We need as much support for Jeremy Corbyn as we can…we can’t let complete idiots shunning people away! Let’s build the army.

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