Ken Livingstone: the tangled web


Do I think Ken Livingstone is an anti-Semite? No.

Is that important? Yes.

Do I think his unsolicited defence of Naz Shah was necessary or clever? Absolutely not.

Are elements of the Labour right exploiting those comments for cynical, factional gain? Yup.

Are those attacks also aimed at Corbyn’s leadership? Erm, yes – of course.

Was that predictable? Pretty much.

Do we need further conspiracy theories, involving racist or anti-Semitic tropes? No.

Is everyone who is defending Ken guilty of that? No.

Is Ken the only politician with an addiction to headlines? No.

Do I think that his comments about Hitler and Zionism were well judged, a valuable contribution to the debate? No.

Would that be the case whether they were historically accurate or not? Yes.

Have other politicians made similarly crass interventions? Yes.

Have they all been the subject of disciplinary investigations and a high-profile media hounding? No.

Does that make Ken beyond criticism? No.

Would it have been easier if Ken had apologised? I reckon so.

Was that ever likely? No.

Does that mean that he should be expelled? No.

Does the Livingstone scenario stop us from talking about Israel’s flouting of international law, treatment of the Palestinian people, illegal settlements and killing of civilians? No.

Does that discussion need to be wrapped up in the type of language that David Icke would be proud of? No.


8 thoughts on “Ken Livingstone: the tangled web

  1. Alan James says:

    Does it stop us discussing/admitting the fact that all of the Palestinian organisations supported by Corbyn and Livingstone want to see Israel destroyed as a Jewish state? Apparently so!!

  2. Chris Rogers says:

    @Alan James,

    Did you actually mean to type this, rather than what has appeared:

    “Does it stop us discussing/admitting the fact that all of the Palestinian organisations supported by Corbyn and Livingstone want to see Israel destroyed as a apartheid state? Apparently so!!


  3. Josef says:

    Livingstone is a pig headed twat. Instead of conversing in the destruction of the NHS, the dismantling of the Welfare State, the failure and lies of Tory economic policy he gets himself entangled in a stupid and irellevant argument about Hitler and the European Jews in the 1930’s. Why? Because he’s an arrogant twat.

  4. Denis Doody says:

    Would an apology from Livingstone satisfied his critics ? no it would not they would have portrayed that as an admission of guilt and Corbyn would be equally implicated in guilt by association, is Livingstone guilty of anti-semitism ? no, his he guilty of historical misrepresentation ? no, Zionists have invested heavily in creating the conditions where opposition to Zionism and anti-semitism are one and the same thing and unfortunately the only division this as caused is on the left and soft left within the Labour Party whilst the right wing march onto their next smear and their next victim, the timid will go into hiding the unprincipled will vent their spleen with the mentality of a gang member, others will be steadfast and risk collective vilification “those are my principles, and if you don’t like them well I have others” Grouch Marx

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  6. Really great way to untangle the web. Honest and straightforward and look forward to more of your clarity. South seems a web now and I have and older friend and staunch labour supporter who seems to now be open to very right wing think tank views like the Gatestone institute. I daren’t comment on the ‘religious’ or political elements influences as I might be drawn into this ‘racism’ web too!

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